Vegetarian Cabbage, Fennel, Onion & Sausage Casserole

“As the steak disappeared, I watched her long old ear-lobes pinken. I remembered what an endocrinologist had told me once, that after rare beef and wine, when the lobes turned red, was the time to ask favours or tell bad news. I led the conversation back to the table, and then plunged brusquely. ‘Why do… Continue reading Vegetarian Cabbage, Fennel, Onion & Sausage Casserole

The Confused Diet Egg Sandwich

“One of the stupidest things in an earnest but stupid school of culinary thought is that each of the three daily meals should be ‘balanced.’ [This still goes on in big-magazine advertising, but there seems less and less insistence on it in real life: baby-doctors and even gynecologists admit that most human bodies choose their… Continue reading The Confused Diet Egg Sandwich

Dark Chocolate Covered Gingerbread

“I shall remember always the mysterious beautiful sensation of wellbeing I felt…”
~MFK Fisher, Consider the Oyster

I am no action painter.
I am no action painter.

When I was in graduate school at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities, one of my favorite treats was to scoop out a bagful of dark chocolate covered crystallized ginger from a gravity bin at one of the several fantastic food co-ops in the city. My first year in graduate school was difficult, alienating and lonely. But, after some soul-searching and ending a toxic relationship, I found my footing. Food always plays a role in that for me. Those little candies were something I had discovered, were my treat, and gave me a sense of wellbeing. Continue reading “Dark Chocolate Covered Gingerbread”